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November 26, 2010


by sakuraso

Why yes, the colour of my coke seems oddly diluted, why d'you ask?

Monday night was UnsraW!! Most excellent gig. Except it was at Scala, one has to wonder why, but I guess I can’t complain, considering how close it is to me. I imagine people coming from King’s X were slightly confused by all the people with big and brightly coloured hair outside Scala. I did join in with the big hair this time, mostly because it was done for me XP I don’t have as much skill with the comb & hairspray I’m afraid. I did bring glitter to the table though.

There weren’t quite as many people as I expected to be there, and I’m sure it was pretty disappointing for the band, but, again, can’t complain. We got to sit on the stage, and we all got attention from the band XD; I got away injury free mostly – except the usual sore neck. My friend got taken out with Tetsu’s guitar – she has one hell of a shiner now. In fact, he abused her a lot during the gig. Though I’m not entirely sure she minded all that much :P Apart from the swollen black eye that is.

UnsraW are amazing live. Yuuki looked pretty damn scary – I never thought sparkly red lipstick could do that, but it did. Shou was all chillax in the background, not wearing any shoes (and donning crocs occasionally – normally I hate them, but dammit, they were cute on him >.>). Jin, who is officially one of my new favourite people, was all cool and reserved, occasionally coming to the front to interact with us (favourite moment: him standing at the edge of the stage with his pick in  his mouth, waiting for people to twig that he wanted someone to take it XP oh if only I got it T__T). Tetsu and Madoka kept swapping positions XD; They were very…. bouncy.

I don’t think I’m wrong in saying most of the audience was female, so I have to wonder why the band members (minus Shou, who was behaving himself behind his drums) thought it was wise to attempt to have us lift them…. They did however soon realise that we were only capable of pushing them back on stage as long as they kept their feet on the ground XP Even though it really wasn’t difficult to get to the stage, some people kept near the back of the room, which I think pissed off Yuuki, who got off the stage, stomped over to them, and started pulling people towards the stage. He even grabbed a guy and girl and pulled them on stage – the guy sneaked off the second Yuuki turned away, I’m not quite sure what happened to the girl though. When I looked over she was gone, possibly she sneaked off the other side, but I have a suspicion Yuuki might have pushed her into the audience. >.>;

"Yuuki and his blonde bitches" <- Official caption.

Awesomely, they had a signing after the show :3 Madoka was particularly hilarious with his autographs, writing “fuck you” and the occasional “kill you” – I only got a signature. I don’t know if I should be happy to get away without being cursed or threatened, or disappointed to miss out on the abuse XD; One of them told me “good job”. Why, I do not know. Maybe he was impressed that my hair was still gravity defying even after all that headbanging. Or something. I don’t know. Tetsu was giving everyone (I think everyone, anyway) an “I love you” with his signature XD; But most importantly, I got my photo with Jin ^____^

He's far too cool for me, for realsies.

The entire gig made me very happy. Especially him ^. Next time, Miyavi and -OZ-! …and maybe Girugamesh.