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March 15, 2012

Mouse, Mouse in the House!

by sakuraso

Last week, to my flat’s (almost – 2/3rds) collective horror, we discovered that we had a mouse running around our flat. I’m not even scared of mice, but there’s something infinitely creepy and disturbing about something unwanted scurrying around your room. I imagine I wouldn’t be at all bothered if it stayed in other parts of the flat. Unfortunately, I was the one to discover our latest addition that doesn’t pay rent (henceforth known as Minnie.) – or fortunately, had it not been for my desire to stay awake (stemming from a month of non-stop dreams about death, I applaud my mind for all the creative ways its come up with…), we may not have realised until it was too late (i.e. she had babies.)

Illustration by my flatmate, Hattie, via the medium of bathroom tile drawing. Because as any well functioning flat, we communicate by drawing on the tiles whenever in the shower.

…Not at the same time. Just saying.

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