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March 10, 2011

Secteur Alice

by sakuraso

Secteur De La Petite Alice Volante

 We…. formed a band. Kind of. The idea was a sort of punk lolita type group. It’s a shame the project is taking place at this time, since I have the most work now. So at the moment I’m at my most tired and most stressed. I.e. I’m in a rubbish mood all the time XD It also means that every time we met for rehearsals and filming, I was super tired and without energy. Unfortunately, it also means that I’m now seriously behind on work :/ Not quite sure how I’ll catch up.

It actually pains me to post this, BUT OH WELLS.

The whole idea is for it to get viral and people send in responses and stuff. We even have blogs. We all took on “band names”. Chriss & I took on DEKO & BOKO i.e. dekoboko i.e. でこぼこi.e. the best word in Japanese because it has the most awesome awesome kanji ever.


Yes. That awesome. Chriss & I actually tried to get it into the band name, but when we failed, we took it ourselves XD

So yes, band blogs:

DEKO | BOKO | Séq | Shrimp

Which reminds me, I should really update mine. Especially my ‘pillow of the month’ – the sequined snakeskin one was for February. In case you couldn’t tell, I was designated The Sleepy One.

♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

I’m slightly worried about the PV.. actually, the dance version more so. I don’t think they got even one shot of us in time XD; Of course, now that all the filming’s done, we’re getting pretty good at it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the dance now.

All in all, lolita, even pink punk lolita really doesn’t suit me. As much as I complain about my various flabby bits of my body, I in no way consider myself fat. Except when I was in costume. The PV outfit was better, since the trousers were too big for me – so there was no way I could wear them up high >D I also got to wear my chain new rocks, which cut across my calves making them look smaller XD;

I wonder how they’ll edit the PV so it doesn’t look like we were all freezing. And adding vodka to the tea.

So yes, please, if you can, support the project!

At the very least, please like it on facebook!

February 28, 2011

maybe not.

by sakuraso

First day of PV filming done.
I’m not sure lolita is the style for me, don’t think it suits me.
But at least it was punk lolita!

It makes a nice (&temporary) change though.

Really tired now!

2 days to go!

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