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March 19, 2011


by sakuraso

They were amazing. I am however too tired to write a proper report. I’m also in need of pressing an ice pack to several places. I was at the front and in the middle – i.e. I was a prime target for violence. Someone even tried pulling  my ear bling =_=; Not happy.

I will say: Oh my god, Nii, those glasses. Oh my god those glasses. Oh my god, Nii, those glasses.

I will mentally compose my report. And go to bed. Because tomorrow is Miyavi. Though I might stick to the back tomorrow, I’m not sure I can handle any more injuries =_=

February 16, 2011


by sakuraso

I have one thing to say.

-OZ- are AMAZING live.

That’s all I feel I actually need to say, but there were some particularly awesome bits I need to write down~

I have comed to the realisation that NAO is really quite stunning in person. For reals. And Tama is actually pretty tiny. And Nao is really beautiful. And Aki has some damn fine curls.

Zukki managed to break his drums, twice – mad props to his tech who kept having to fix it. During these times Natsuki started singing ‘oh oh, we’re in trouble….’ – t’was fun. He himself managed to momentarily break his microphone too. And I do believe Aki had some amp problems…..

They were also all really nice at the signing… well, Zukki didn’t seem to want to be there all that much~ And Aki and Nao looked really surprised when they looked up to see me, but maybe that’s because my hair is now white and pink. Hardcore, like.