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October 27, 2013

For Science!

by sakuraso

I thought I’d take a moment out of watching MacGuyver (it’s relevant to my degree okay? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it), and just post a load of pictures of what I’ve been doing in my first 4 weeks of my new degree. I might also squee over how great this uni is. Just a bit.

Southampton gave me all my textbooks for free! And a £300 entitlement card on top of that… except I didn’t have to buy my books with it… so I spent it all on frivolous things >D We also got a free calculator and usb stick 8D


Yes, it’s foundation maths… I’ve not done any maths since I was 16, leave me alone ._.; Every week we have a lab session at the National Oceanography Centre, which. is. awesome. I find something awesome every time I go there.

IMG_0116 IMG_0742














What’s been particularly fun, is taking photos and videos during labs – the nice thing is, the lecturers are okay with it, we’re there trying to aim our phone cameras down the microscopes at the perfect angle, but we haven’t been told off. Yet.


Funnily enough though, my life hasn’t changed all that much, it’s still a lot of writing out of stuff… over and over and over… and over and over again…