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February 25, 2011

dye party II

by sakuraso
Just after bleaching.

Once again our dye party took.. ages. We left vermillionshadow‘s at like…. 6:30 in the morning XD But to be fair, we had to bleach, and then get through 5 different colours :P 2 for me and 3 for Chriss.







This time there was enough bleach for me! So this time my pink is SUPER HOT HOT MEGA PINK. And the top of my head is ACTUALLY white. Not bleached blonde. White. I feel quite bad for vermillionshadow, we took over her flat, made a mess, didn’t let her sleep and then left at a time normal people are leaving to go to work… So I went to bed at 9am, woke up at 5pm because I somehow managed to turn off both alarms while asleep, and now my boy is coming, and I’ve done no work. …The price of cool hair.

The Process.

The Wait.

The Result.

Our final camwhoring before we left vermillionshadow to finally sleep.


February 24, 2011

hair dye ♥

by sakuraso

We’re re-dyeing our hair today!

Chriss is displaying all our bleach XP
We’re at vermillionshadow‘s place :3