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November 25, 2010

Hit(t) That.

by sakuraso

Last night* was the opening night of JP Underground, which had actually completely escaped my attention, until my friend persuaded me to go, mostly because she bought tickets and needed people for them. I am however very glad she did.

We did arrive somewhat late, well, I say we, but I live literally around the corner, I did however have to wait for some of the others. The entrance was a little messy, but not horrendous. It was somewhat made worse by the fact that it was raining… >.>;

I don’t know what was happening before we arrived, but as we came in, on stage was funky duo 10, the likes of which I can honestly say, I’ve never heard anything like before. To each their own, if it’s your thing, give them some support.

I really wish I had been paying attention to upcoming events. Had I done so, I would have seen what acts would feature, and I could have looked them up beforehand. The main act was HITT, who I didn’t know before. This guy is hilarious. Talent, which he has, aside, anyone who while on stage, keeps checking himself out in the mirror, is EPIC. His dancing alone can upstage even Gackt. YES. EVEN GACKT. He was also incredibly patient and good humoured. While I had no problem with most people attending, there were some people who were far too drunk and acting up… But HITT wasn’t even phased when a man came onstage carrying the guy dressed up as kick-ass XD;

He wasn’t annoyed no matter how many times people came up to him to ask for photos, though he did seem surprised at our “写真を撮ってもいいですか.”

I did feel bad however, once all the mayhem died down, and he was behind the desk with the rest of the beautifully gothic entourage, only a couple of people went up to buy stuff :/ Which really, must have been pretty disappointing for him. He arrived at 3am, went to a small venue, and only sold a handful of CDs :/

And that is precisely why I wish I had been aware of him before, because then I could have saved up and actually been able to afford to buy something. He was genuinely good, and he definitely deserves recognition and support. I know that once I’m not quite so broke, I’ll be visiting the online shop, and maybe even joining the fanclub, and I’ve only ever been a member of two fanclubs – Gackt & Leonard Nimoy, so it’s not like I join these things without much thought~ But I do think he deserves support~

The poor guy looked so bored and fed up sitting behind the table ._.; But alas, I could not afford to buy anything :/ I could have saved on shipping costs XP;


*…it was ‘last night’ when I wrote this, and never bothered to post XP

Colour photos taken by Steven Cheng. B&W photo below stolen cheekily from HITT’s own site. Hopefully he won’t mind :O




Official Website
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