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May 7, 2011

New hair! (Again)

by sakuraso

I finally got my undercut! Not quite as short as I expected, but I expect Oon will shave more off if I ask him >D
Apparently it suits me, can’t remember the last time I was hit on so much in one night.
No wait, I can. And I was blonde. But when you’re blonde, it doesn’t really matter what you look like, people just see the blonde =_=

I might get Oon to take the undercut a bit higher too, the rest of my hair feels a bit emo XD So if the undercut goes higher, there’ll be less to go over~ But we shall see. His creative training & test comes first.

And lovely Poppy made my hair CHERRY RED. YAH.

As I headed out, all the sassoon stylists & colourists on their cigarette break were all OMG THIS IS COOL.

May 2, 2011

PINK ♠ …not

by sakuraso

This is no longer me :(

The day of our last Dye Party, I got stopped by a Sassoon stylist who was in need of a model for his classic test – considering I’m pretty free with my hair (I’ve been planning an undercut…), I agreed since all it was was a 50s classic bob, colour doesn’t matter – couldn’t hurt right? XD So I show up for the prep, and in the longest hair cut of my life, we got this:

Nevermind the expression, I hadn’t slept and had to go to an early photoshoot before appearing at sassoon XD
And yes, my eyelid is swollen. Cause they used Barry M. Which I am allergic to.

Then it was decided my hair would have to be a single tone, otherwise you’d see the individual layers etc.

So after 9 hours of colouring, we have:

Not gonna lie, I miss the pink. But this is growing on me.
I have to keep the colour for now anyway, as the colourist wants me for her colour test.
And on Thursday, I’m one of the stylist’s models for his creative test too.
So watch this space, for I have no clue what I’ll look like after that XD

May 2, 2011

4am Dye Party Homage to X Japan

by sakuraso

“dry your tears with love”

…the things that happen at a dye party….
it actually started with a tissue, but we switched to a sticky note so we could attach it to my face XP

this was also the end of my white&pink hair.
I miss it.

photo by Chriss ♥
February 25, 2011

dye party II

by sakuraso
Just after bleaching.

Once again our dye party took.. ages. We left vermillionshadow‘s at like…. 6:30 in the morning XD But to be fair, we had to bleach, and then get through 5 different colours :P 2 for me and 3 for Chriss.







This time there was enough bleach for me! So this time my pink is SUPER HOT HOT MEGA PINK. And the top of my head is ACTUALLY white. Not bleached blonde. White. I feel quite bad for vermillionshadow, we took over her flat, made a mess, didn’t let her sleep and then left at a time normal people are leaving to go to work… So I went to bed at 9am, woke up at 5pm because I somehow managed to turn off both alarms while asleep, and now my boy is coming, and I’ve done no work. …The price of cool hair.

The Process.

The Wait.

The Result.

Our final camwhoring before we left vermillionshadow to finally sleep.