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March 15, 2012

Thai rock, oh yes.

by sakuraso

Working at a concert venue, I get to work during some… memorable gigs, although usually they’re memorable because someone called me a cunt for not pouring their beer fast enough, inept because I gave someone 3 ice cubes in their drink, because telepathically I’m meant to know they want 2 large cubes and 2 small cubes without them telling me, or because I get scratched by a man in a cowboy hat who thinks sinking his claws into my arm is cute. There was also the time there were people crowd surfing into the cloakroom…

Anyway, recently I was working the Bodyslam gig, who I didn’t know anything about, due to jrock arrogance or what, I don’t know. But I have decided they are adorable. The gig was generally memorable, perhaps because this time I was an usher, but then, had the people attending been horrible as at some other gigs, then I probably would have hated it as much as all the times I’ve detested the bar and cloakroom. Funny how people being horrible to you can affect not only your general outlook on your job, but also the band that was playing. It’s like a mental reflex: shit fans. shit band. Doesn’t mean it’s true, but you can’t help but feel distaste for a band that spawns fans that shout at you and treat you like some sort of sub-human species that deserves no respect. Obviously I don’t have enough piercing in my face and don’t look scary enough.

This gig however was lovely! Pretty much everyone was nice, or at least civil. Didn’t have anyone call me a name. Imagine that. And since I was an usher, once the main event started, I didn’t have much to do, as all the fans were very much in their seats and enjoying the show, and not running around drunk abusing people. So I got to watch. It was enough to get me intrigued… And the song above pretty much cemented it, helps that I’m pretty much now in love with ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์. She is awesome. Or maybe I just have a thing for folk singers. After all I do have that fascination with Enka. And the band Brathanki from Poland, folk-rock is obviously the way to go.

So far, going through the band’s discography I’ve mostly been finding slow songs, I can’t say ‘ballads’ since I have no clue as to the content. Except for when there’s a music video with obvious and tangible heartbreak. Funny how that translates so easily. I would really like to find some ..’harder’ songs though. At this point I have to also point out that my endeavours to find Bodyslam songs has been difficult, as I don’t speak, and more importantly, don’t read or write Thai, so in my forays into Thai rock, I had to immerse myself in a Thai crash course. …Because I don’t have a dissertation to write or anything.

I don’t know how it never occurred to me to look up Thai rock, but now I shall continue, and will broaden my scope. I already have my eye on a couple of interesting sounding bands. Of course if anyone has any recommendations, I will always appreciate them.



1. คราม
2. ความรัก
3. Sticker
4. คิดฮอด feat.ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์ (in the video above)
5. ทางกลับบ้าน
6. แสงสุดท้าย
7. ปล่อย
8. เปราะบาง
9. โทน
10. เงา

*I think that’s the translation anyway XD feel free to correct me
link to the itunes website.