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March 22, 2012

Chic Chemistry Inspired House-Ware

by sakuraso

I love these, maybe it’s purely due to my regret of not continuing sciences.. Either way, I think they look amazing :O Though I wonder if just buying from whoever supplies school labs would maybe be cheaper… I may have to look into that.

[ Cocktail Chemistry Set ]

Available from ThinkGeek for $34.99, but for us poor people dwelling in the UK, everywhere seems to be discontinued. Luckily ThinkGeek do ship to the UK, if you don’t mind paying those pesky shipping fees :( But… this set is so great, it might just be worth it…

[ Chemistry Vase Conical Flask ]

£29.99 from Firebox, I do love Firebox, though this is a bit steep… And also only a pre-order for now. Really considering looking into laboratory suppliers…

[ Chemistry Vase Measuring Cylinder ]

£29.99 from Firebox, and currently available!

[ Chemistry Vase Boiling Fask ]

Unfortunately unavailable from Firebox right now :( Shame, I think I like this one the most… I did find it at ‘Christmas Stocking Fillers‘ for £29.99, I cannot vouch for the site though…

[ Conical Flask Salt & Pepper Set ]

So adorable! And only £9.99 from Firebox, pre-order though.

Conical Flask Oil and Vinegar Set ]

Unfortunately £19.99, they are adorable though. And currently available! …Firebox are so good at taking sexy photos of their items…

[ Laboratory Beaker Mug ]

Back to ThinkGeek for this, there are two options available, 400ml & 1000mls, $11.99 & $19.99 respectively. So…. £7.50 and £12.64.


I’m very much visualising a chemistry inspired kitchen in my future… But at those prices & shipping costs, I might need several more jobs…