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February 17, 2011

My Face is Fixed!

by sakuraso

My lip is now fixed! Randomly, the ball of my BCR fell out. I couldn’t get the ball back in, so I closed the ring as best I could. Occasionally the two ends would go into my lip, but it was easy enough to ease out. But at one point, I must have bitten down on it in the night, because the ends crossed over inside my lip, pinching some skin. It was impossible to move it. I had to go back to Tattoo13 to get Jo to open it up. It hurt more than the initial piercing, which was pretty shit. Essentially there’s a larger hole inside my lip, so I need to make sure no crap gets in while it heals. There’s also an annoying ulcer like thing, where the ring cut my lip… unfortunately it healed itself into a ring shape, rather than a straight tunnel :/ Hopefully once it heals, we’ll be able to straighten it out~ And hopefully soon I’ll be able to get the one that I want next to it. Spider Bite ftw. They must really hate me at Tattoo13, I may heal quick, but I get the most random problems that they then have to sort out.

February 16, 2011

skullcandy ♥

by sakuraso

black&pink ink'd by skullcandy

Yes, I bought these as well.
But I’m not even taking them out of the packaging until I get all my black & pink BCRs, segment rings & bananabells.
…I should have dyed my hair black and pink -__-; then it would ALL match! 8D;

I’d have to wait a bit anyway though, since I only stretched one of them yesterday, which means I’ll have to wait at least …a week before I can change the fairy bananabell to my black&pink glitter one.

Yes, I actually can’t wait that long.