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July 11, 2010

Dah-dum. Dah-dum. Dah-dum-dah-dum-dah-dum-dah-dum.

by sakuraso

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Sharks! I adore sharks, from pygmy sharks to goblin sharks to great white sharks. They’re so -perfect-. They’re been around since pre-historic times, and they’ve barely changed, they’ve just gotten smaller. Considering how much evolution humans have gone through, and the evolution of other animals – the fact that sharks were so perfect from the start that they didn’t need to adapt is amazing.

I’d love to go swimming with sharks, and I’d love to go in a cage so I could see great whites from close up – unfortunately, my mother has vetoed it for the moment, as I’m her only child, and she doesn’t want to outlive me :P

July 8, 2010

Reruns of 'Star Trek' still hold up.

by sakuraso

Star Trek
I can’t explain why, I love the original Star Trek so much, I can watch them over and over again. I just can’t get tired of them, even though I know them off by heart. The day I get bored of Star Trek: The Original Series, will be the day something inside me wilts and dies.

After a while, I tend to forget who committed the crimes, so I can re-watch them and it will almost be as if I haven’t seen them yet~