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March 18, 2012

[ MM ] No Reflection

by sakuraso

What’s the point of having iTunes alerts if I don’t even notice it in my inbox? So 3 days late but… NEW MARILYN MANSON SINGLE. I admit I nearly hyperventilated. Sad, I know, BUT IT’S BEEN SO LONG. I imagine it’ll be on the new album too, but I do not care. I bought it immediately, no previews or anything. Everyone knows: Gackt & Marilyn Manson, I can pre-order and know that I will like it.

And I do. Very much. At this point I do have to go and calm down before I write anything else.

I really do like this single, vocally and lyrically it’s mature like the songs from Eat Me, Drink Me as well as High End of Low, but musically, it’s back to his heavier days, the sound reminds me of some Golden Age of Grotesque tracks. I was already looking forward to Born Villain, but now I’m feeling a bit less worried about the contents of the new album. Marilyn Manson was great when he was a young guy screaming his frustration against the world, and he was still great when he was a bit more heartbroken and grieving for the love of his life – but maybe in Born Villain he’ll be finally over that. I’d like some more screaming frustration again, personally, and since he has that new level of maturity in his voice and lyrics, I’m liking the idea of Holy Wood/Golden Age of Grotesque meeting Mature Manson.

Also. The chorus is damn catchy. Just saying.

Bring on May 1st.