It’s Meeeeee!

I’m not particularly interesting I’m afraid, but I think I occasionally do something that might be of mild interest to some. I’m studying Japanese at SOAS, University of London, so I spend most of my time dodging protesters and library fees. I fail spectacularly in the latter.

I’ve been a Gackt fan since I was 11 (23 now!), Star Trek makes me happy. I watch Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett ones!!) to relax. For escapism I play Final Fantasy games. And I love learning anything and everything about Ancient Egypt – especially if it involves Akhenaten.

I love reading, but I’m pretty lazy, so it takes me ages to actually pick up a book XP

And that’s pretty much all there is.

Random things I like:

Music TV Films Random Crap
Marilyn Manson Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett <3) Star Wars Severus Snape <3
Gackt Star Trek Jaws Lego
Dir en grey Battlestar Galactica Some Like it Hot Final Fantasy
Opeth Fringe Ghost in the Shell Akhenaten
UnsraW Murder, She Wrote Mars Attacks! Procrastination
-OZ- Magnum, PI Bass Guitar
G-Dragon & T.O.P. A-Team Random K-Pop with awesome dance routines!
X-Japan MacGuyver Sharks
Golden Bomber X-MEN! X-MEN! X-MEN!
Bleach Sci-Fi
Spiderman LoTR

4 Comments to “It’s Meeeeee!”

  1. Hello…..brand new here and liked your blog…..once I get up and running we can share thoughts!

  2. Hey, me again, just here to say: Considering we share at least 12 overlapping interests here, I may have something that is relevant to yours.

    The Middleman! If you haven’t already sought it out, please do. 12 part ABC Family series from a few years back. It’s like, Men In Black meets scrubs meets 60 Doctor who meets I don’t know what. All I know is I love it, and you probably will do too.

    Just felt like spreading it, because, it needs to be seen.

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