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Helga Bjorgulfsdottir

The image of feminists has always bothered me. Mostly because the word itself is so loaded that most people can’t get past it. They only see bra-burning, hairy women shouting about the evilness that is The Man. 

As I talked about here some time ago, it took me years to actually admit that, yes, I am a feminist. For the longest part I didn’t know I was a feminist at all because I too, thought that feminists were horrible creatures.

But no, they aren’t… for the most part.  And no they aren’t bra-burning hairy beasts.

Of course there are feminists out there who fight against the normality of women shaving their legs, armpits and groin. But I don’t necessarily agree with that fight. Sure, if you don’t want to shave, don’t shave. But don’t tell me that I’m conforming to the patriarchal misogynistic world of The Men by shaving.

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  1. I proudly call myself a feminist. Unlike most people, I know the true definition of the term and have no issues with it. I also shave my legs and arm pits. I like the feeling of smooth skin. I personally find armpit hair unattractive. On men and women. However, I will not ridicule anyone for their choice because it is their own body. Just as I choose to shave, someone may choose not to shave.

    As far as groin shaving goes. If you want to do it that’s fine. I personally find it to be too much of a hassle.

    • I’m actually with you on this, for me body hair isn’t a social, gender or whatever thing, I just don’t like body hair, men and women, but it’s a preference I don’t inflict on others *coughboyfriendcough*

      Though only recently have I started identifying as a feminist, mostly because then I have to quickly explain what feminism means… I tend to avoid the hassle and just identify as someone who believes in equal rights *shrugs*

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