New hair! (Again)

by sakuraso

I finally got my undercut! Not quite as short as I expected, but I expect Oon will shave more off if I ask him >D
Apparently it suits me, can’t remember the last time I was hit on so much in one night.
No wait, I can. And I was blonde. But when you’re blonde, it doesn’t really matter what you look like, people just see the blonde =_=

I might get Oon to take the undercut a bit higher too, the rest of my hair feels a bit emo XD So if the undercut goes higher, there’ll be less to go over~ But we shall see. His creative training & test comes first.

And lovely Poppy made my hair CHERRY RED. YAH.

As I headed out, all the sassoon stylists & colourists on their cigarette break were all OMG THIS IS COOL.


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