Music Video

by sakuraso

Our music video yo. Supports eeeeet. And yes, I’m wearing a mask on my head like a badass.
I’m not posting the dance version because it causes me pain.

Secteur de la Petite Alice Volante

Random camwhoring by me & Chriss.
Cause I can’t remember if I posted it already.
And now I should go write something about the Girugamesh gig.


3 Comments to “Music Video”

  1. Oh, god, I abso-farkin’-lutely luuuurve this! I like the music, the outfits, the props, the setting – in fact, everything! Oh, heck, I won’t be able to sleep tonight …!

  2. Your band should come and do a gig in Hong Kong! If you’ll sing in Japanese, I guarantee you, the locals will go totally gaga with you.

  3. It`s adorable looking, great job!(ノ^∇^)/
    And yeah you should write about Giru! I`m waiting for your review! ;D *since I missed it*

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