by sakuraso

They were amazing. I am however too tired to write a proper report. I’m also in need of pressing an ice pack to several places. I was at the front and in the middle – i.e. I was a prime target for violence. Someone even tried pulling  my ear bling =_=; Not happy.

I will say: Oh my god, Nii, those glasses. Oh my god those glasses. Oh my god, Nii, those glasses.

I will mentally compose my report. And go to bed. Because tomorrow is Miyavi. Though I might stick to the back tomorrow, I’m not sure I can handle any more injuries =_=


3 Comments to “Girugämesh!”

  1. awww I was looking forward this gig but sadly I had to miss it Dx *so angry*
    have fun on Myv tonight tho :3 I`ll be missing this one too T__T

  2. My timetable is full and I`m usually so tired after college *glares*; despite the fact that my friend is a huge fan of them, we decided not to go. T__T
    As for Miyavi…sadlly no one wanted to come with me D:
    So now I`m looking for reviews over the two gigs. x3 I read reviews anyways, it`s just nice to hear other people`s oppinions and point of views. ;w;

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