maybe not.

by sakuraso

First day of PV filming done.
I’m not sure lolita is the style for me, don’t think it suits me.
But at least it was punk lolita!

It makes a nice (&temporary) change though.

Really tired now!

2 days to go!

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14 Comments to “maybe not.”

  1. omg, i am in love with that bow *-*

  2. I do love that huge bow and collar

  3. Head eating bows are all the rage!

  4. I thought you looked really good in lolita. xD

  5. PV? :o anyways…my attention got cought on the collar xD (sorry; just a accessories maniac)
    Tho I will have to agree, that lolita doesn`t rly suit you in my oppinion, tho you don`t look bad. :3

  6. Then they must’ve been pretty easy 20s, since you and your friends/colleagues are already so photogenic!

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