by sakuraso

I wasn’t going to post this, I only took it to ask my boy’s opinion, but then I decided this was actually a cool photo despite it being in a bathroom. So yes, wearing Chriss‘ oversized hoodie. Contemplating stealing it. Well, I don’t really need to, they sell them at ULU around the corner, however there might be some sort of faux pas in getting the exact same thing XP ….’Cause I really like the red one ._.: Why has it never occurred to me to buy my hoodies in XL?


3 Comments to “XL”

  1. I always buy my XL.

    PS. It’s never going near you again. I know your evil plans now.

    However, you are allowed to buy the same one if you wanna.

  2. I get my hoodies in big sizes too :O the Michigan one I *love* is an XL, and I think my SOAS one is either a big M or an L~

    Big hoodies long enough to be a tunic are the best :D

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