by sakuraso

For years this was the only necklace I’d wear. The Ankh is one of the best I’ve seen – which I got in Cambridge at the As Seen On TV stall. And the cartouche of Akhenaten took me ages to track down! I think that’s why I stopped wearing it, I’m scared of losing it >.<; I’m not sure I’d be able to find a new one~

I also desperately want to get it tattooed~ At first it was only the cartouche. But my ideas for the tattoo have…. grown. Not only do I want that cartouche, I want several of his other names too~

I started doodling on myself in lectures with various ideas XD So far I have this:

But I kinda also want an image of Akhenaten himself too…


10 Comments to “Akhenaten.”

  1. I would kill to have that ankh! I’ve been trying to get one of these for years – they’re just not available here in Hong Kong.

  2. oh my~! no wonder it`s one of your favs! OwO
    It will make an attractive tattoo indeed. Are you planning on getting all that as a tattoo or are they just some ideas?

    • ^.^ I definitely want the three names, the ankh and eye I’m not sure… maybe without them – I’m also planning on getting sections of the rosetta stone… I don’t even know T______T

      • :O I see. All of them in one place? Or different. I think the eye might be a bit too much to the names. o.o Or maybe get it tattood elsewhere. (sorry just saying what I htink) The Rosetta stone?! That`s interesting actully! You really love history don`t you! x3

        • I was thinking the names on one side of my neck, and the bits of the rosetta stone on the other side~ I mostly just love Akhenaten XD; And the rosetta stone only because it was really important to deciphering hieroglyphics :3

          • Oh on the neck, I thought it`ll be on the arm (got deceived by the picture). :D Interesting idea tho! Any idea which part you will choose from the Rosetta? o.o
            Sorry I`m asking too much, but it`s just interesting. o.o
            Which reminds me, no matter how many times I go to the British museum, I can never find the original stone! I always stumble on the dublica in the library. ;_; Haven`t been there for ages!

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