how we operate

by sakuraso

The library’s too crowded, and there’s always sounds of harsh whispering cutting through the silence. Not that I’m some sort of library nazi, I don’t mind it when people go by and notice a friend and are all ‘heeeeeeyy, how goes?!’ – it’s more the people who sit there for hours gossiping. And whispers can sound so much harsher >.<

I can only read at home, sitting in bed, with the mesmerising visualizer running on iTunes. Otherwise, I really can’t work.

So I come to the bar! Just enough background noise. Occasionally you see people you know. Coke, coffee & food. AND SAMOSAS. SOAS samosas are INCREDIBLE.

I was going to post a photo of a soas samosa in all its glory, but it was vetoed by Chriss, because we’re meant to have dinner later ._.;

It get’s a bit cold though. People never close the door when they go into/come out of the smoking area =_= Other than that, the SOAS bar is like my home away from home XP


caption reference:
♬ Gomez – How We Operate  ♪

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