by sakuraso


This post is completely and utterly trivial. Oh wells.

I really love pretty notebooks – whenever I see one, I have to buy it. But the prettier it is, the less likely I’ll ever use them. I always have grand designs for their use – sketchbooks, journals, planning projects, writing… and then nothing. I don’t want to ruin them, and if I were to abandon a project, the notebook would be kinda useless. I’m OCD enough to not be able to change uses for a notebook half way through. I also think I have pretty messy handwriting, so it annoys me that I would mess up the book purely because my writing is crap >.< But that way the notebooks never get used!! The whole cycle is pretty pointless.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one >.>;




2 Comments to “Notebooks.”

  1. Certainly not! I do it all the damn time. I have a beautiful copper Stargate-engraved one that I daren’t use. I have similar OCD issues, one involves not being able to write in one notebook with more than one pen >>

      I have like, an army of the same skinny pen from paperchase, just so I can have them all over the place to ensure I can use the same one XD

      It’s like, I look at other people’s notebooks, and even if they use different pens and stuff, it looks good, but I know if I did it, I’d ruin the pretty notebook T__T

      The only one I have ever used properly is a plain black moleskine (since you can easily get the same one again XD) and even then, every time I write something, it’s with copious amounts of planning XP

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