From Poland, with Love

by sakuraso

I received some Polish rock CDs in the mail – I actually mentioned to my mum that I wanted two songs – if I like it, I want to show some support. But my mum couldn’t find them, but my gran did~ So I got these in the mail, via my dad who dropped them off in London while on his way to Croydon. Felt a bit like a spy movie, exchanging packages XP

I do feel like I’m missing out though. Apart from these two, the only other Polish music CDs I have are Brathanki >.>; Everyone needs a bit of folk-rock in their lives okay?!

The few individual songs I have are mostly songs I heard on the radio while I still lived in Poland, so I’m really not current. The ones I have actually remind me of my childhood when I spent summers with my cousin in the countryside. Which is weird, because I’m pretty sure they weren’t released anywhere near that time.

I think I’d actually welcome some recommendations.

My current, puny, Polish playlist:

  • Brathanki – Czerwone Korale
  • Brathanki – Siebię Dam  Po Ślubie
  • Brathanki – Hej Góry, Hey Góry
  • Brathanki – W Lesie Co Jest Blisko Sadu
  • Brathanki – Życie To Nie Mieć Lecz Być
  • Brathanki – Za Wielkim Morzem Ty
  • Brathanki – Wszak Być Może Znacznie Gorzej
  • Kasia Kowalska – Antidotum
  • Budka Suflera – Bal Wszystkich Świętych
  • Budka Suflera – Takie Tango
  • T.Love – Warszawa
  • Lady Pank – Siódme Niebo Nienawiści
  • Łzy – Puste Słowa
  • Elektryczne Gitary – Włosy
  • Elektryczne Gitary – Jestem Z Miasta
  • Paktofonika – Jestem Bogiem
  • Jeden Osiem L – Jak Zapomnieć
  • Chylińska – Winna
  • O.N.A. – Koła Czasu

It’s a bit Brathanki heavy XD


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