Aces of Anarchy

by sakuraso

Aces of Anarchy & 13
by Alchemy Gothic

Currently my favourite necklaces, even though I have loads that I like, but I end up wearing these two.
I feel like I’m betraying Akhenaten.
But it’s okay! He will be tattooed onto me soon enough.

I’m tempted to get these guys tattooed too though.
Not sure where though….


8 Comments to “Aces of Anarchy”

  1. I am so tempted to steal that skull necklace! D: And while I`m at it, I might as well go for your skull headphones.
    Aside my fetish, I love it. I think the one of the right would make an awesome tattoo (I`d do it, if I wasn`t so scared of needles and such wah).
    What does the ‘Akhenaten’ look like, if I may ask? I kinda` got curious.

    • lolol, they sell them on amazon~ XD just look for alchemy gothic… they do a lot of skull things XD
      I actually have a post in drafts with my akhenaten pendant XD akhenaten is my favourite pharaoh – I want all sorts of stuff related to him tattooed XD

  2. I think I`ve actually seen some at Camden (the skulls) ;w; , tho most things there are pretty expensive, but I still love it. (which makes me wonder, how I haven`t bought one yet? eek fail)
    Ah, Akhenaten is a oharaoh!!! Just failed my ancient history lessons. Dx

    • lolol, to be fair, they tried erasing Akhenaten out of history~ Everyone knows his wife and son (Nefertiti & Tutenkhamun) but not him ;_;
      he tried implementing monotheism, which people later took great pains to remove XD

      Yeah, Camden gets pretty pricey, but I know amazon and other sites do them cheaper XD

      • Really? Interesting. To be honest I think I have never heard of him, even though I`m into Ancient Egyptian history (but that`s just me for not looking deep enough). *fail* Oh wait. Monotheism? He implemented it? Actually that rings a bell now in my mind, might have actually read about him! This just got my interest. owo *cought* sorry , I think I might be going off topic too often o_o;;

        I will have a peek on them then! Thanks! ;w;
        Actually, I was in Camden today and saw a skull jewel that grabbed my heart from first glance, unfortunately it was attached to a ugly bag that I did not fancy at all. Dx

        • I was in Camden today too! XD

          Haha, you probably have touched on him~ His son is pretty famous XD; wife too~
          He’s really interesting though :3 for ages, people thought he had marfan’s syndrome :O

          • That day there were so many people. @.@ And then it all came to me ”It`s half term!” 8D

            That is interesting indeed. ;o I have one fat book on Ancient Egypt history, but never had the time to finish it all. >_<

  3. Haha, I’m like that with all of mine too XD; Except my smaller volumes on Akhenaten :P

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