by sakuraso

I have one thing to say.

-OZ- are AMAZING live.

That’s all I feel I actually need to say, but there were some particularly awesome bits I need to write down~

I have comed to the realisation that NAO is really quite stunning in person. For reals. And Tama is actually pretty tiny. And Nao is really beautiful. And Aki has some damn fine curls.

Zukki managed to break his drums, twice – mad props to his tech who kept having to fix it. During these times Natsuki started singing ‘oh oh, we’re in trouble….’ – t’was fun. He himself managed to momentarily break his microphone too. And I do believe Aki had some amp problems…..

They were also all really nice at the signing… well, Zukki didn’t seem to want to be there all that much~ And Aki and Nao looked really surprised when they looked up to see me, but maybe that’s because my hair is now white and pink. Hardcore, like.


5 Comments to “-OZ-”

  1. Ah! :O Zukki broke his drums? Didn`t see that (I was a bit in the back), which made me go ”lol” just now.
    I see that Zukki was glaring at everyone, so it wasn`t just me. :D I got scared when my turn came.
    But I agree, it was a great concert!

    • Yeah, the entire band was giving back items with both hands, bowing and thanking – occasionally making comments, like Aki telling my friend she had cool hair XD; But yeah, Zukki just kinda shoved the photo at me without even looking at me ._.; Everyone else was lovely~

      lolol! That was the entire reason for the repeated renditions of ‘uh oh, we’re in trouble!’ XD

      • Ah, I didn`t know! I was enjoying myself so much that I had no idea about the things that were happening. ;D

        I agree with that! Nao was the cuttest of all on the signing and very polite. Well all of them were. Tho I kinda` don`t really remember Natsuki`s signing, but I clearly remember Zukki`s time. I felt as if he`ll trow his picture at me. o-o Scary! I didn`t even look at him. XD Ah, it was fun.

        • With Zukki I just took a look at his expression and body language and just… took a step out of his zone XP Nao & Aki made up for it~
          Actually, I don’t remember all that much about Natsuki’s signing either XD;

          • And to think that I wanted to meet Zukki the most. xD I felt the itching need to say ‘Why so serious?!’, but yet again I didn`t dare to look at him.
            I think the cause of missing Natsuki memory, is because he was in the beginning. There was a woman next to him, who took my photo to give, so she`s part of the reason that I don`t really remember him. Just his lovelly smile that I managed to peek on (I think?!). I have a very bad memory. I almost always forget such things. >.<
            Hopefully next time they come, the things wouldn`t be so rushed (and Zukki will be in better mood).

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