Gackt London Live Report | YFC

by sakuraso

The concert happened on Friday… and it is now Tuesday (finished on….Saturday…)… Yes, this took me a while – but in my defence, I did have a very busy weekend, meeting William Shatner & William B Davis… and accidentally walking into Ben Browder :/ But LFCC shall be recounted in another post~

Warning: Swearing. Rant on the state of the fandom. A little bit of fangirling (only a little….).

I was in the queue from …8 or 9? 10? I can’t even remember any more, it was a pretty long day. But I was near the very front of the queue, behind everyone who camped out. First and foremost, I have to take the time to talk about the legend that was Jerry. Jerry turned up around 10am, declaring himself as the not so benevolent dictator of the O2 Academy Islington Queue. He started shouting and making all the Rules Perfectly Clear. And if we didn’t follow them, we would be EJECTED. He also kept shouting “girls” to get our attention… which amused me because there were quite a few guys there. However it was only one lonely Jerry against the Gackt fan army, so he brought in reinforcements. To be honest, it just looked like he grabbed random muscle  from the street and shoved an orange t-shirt on him. He introduced his new sidekick to us as Perry.

Jerry & Perry.

You just can’t make that shit up. Perry didn’t really do much apart from cracking his muscles and nodding his agreement to whatever Jerry said. Which we also had to do, or he wouldn’t leave us alone.

“…..isn’t that right girls?”
“….Yes Jerry. ._.;”

This is also where my rant slides in, I might as well get it out of the way, so it doesn’t spoil the Gacktness. However I do have to get this off my chest. For a man that spreads so much love and joy, some of his fans are batshit crazy. Don’t get me wrong, the majority were lovely. There was a general feeling of ‘we’re all here to experience this together, we’ve all been waiting, let’s enjoy it!’ – however there were the exceptions that just made me angry. Some people there I just could. not. respect. There were “fans” there who seemed to have a sense of entitlement, as if they were somehow superior fans and deserved to get more than everyone else. It’s an attitude I couldn’t understand. I mean, I’ve waited 11 years to see Gackt live – I’m 22, I started listening to him at age 11. I talked to a girl who has waited 5 years. Am I somehow better than her? Am I somehow a better fan for having heard of Gackt earlier?  It’s ridiculous!

Apart from this distasteful minority, most people were great. While in the queue, a union jack came ’round, and we signed it and wrote messages. There was also a journal going around, for longer messages to Gackt. All in all, it kept us entertained during the long wait. As did the tour buses, that had serious problems reversing. There was also a Big Issue seller wondering about with a cat on his shoulders (the cat was called Bob, in case you wanted to know, the guy saved Bob from a fox – apparently he has a YouTube video, but I haven’t been able to find it).

When the band arrived (late), everyone flocked to see them, so I didn’t see much at all. I knew exactly when Gackt arrived, due to the screams, but I only saw Chirolyn’s hair. It was spiky and pink. Very difficult to miss.

The tension definitely escalated after that, it somehow became more real. Gackt was technically only a few metres away from us. Not only is he in the same country, in the same city, but he’s in the building we’re outside of! Only many thick walls, dozens of staff and bodyguards and Jerry & Perry between us.

Fast- forward to actually getting into the venue. I was confronted with a dilemma. Should I leave my bag in the cloakroom? I didn’t. (Mistake). Should I buy the merchandise first? I didn’t. (Mistake?) I can’t really regret not doing either as it saved me enough time to get a spot next to the barriers – arm’s length from the stage. And right next to the speakers. Which, incidentally, gave me temporary tinnitus for the duration of the weekend. They also gave me momentary deafness throughout the live, which was weird. Advice to anyone going to such a compact gig: leave your bag in the cloakroom. Staying alive in the pit is difficult enough without extra stuff to hold on to, and for others to pull at. As is, I nearly ended up half naked several times, I’m still confused as to why people felt the need to pull on my top ¬_¬; As for merchandise… personal preference really. I missed out on getting the tank top… which was unbelievably disappointing. But I got all the other stuff I wanted. And I was really close to the stage. So again, can’t really regret it. Besides. I got the t-shirt. Only 1 size too big…. But back to merchandise later.

So much happened it’s far too easy to go off on a tangent. At least it’s semi-relevant.

Once in the pit, I was very close to the stage – arm’s length away. The live started really late, so we had a lot of time to get to know all the fans around us, since by the time everyone got in, unless you stuck together, you weren’t standing with people you were in the queue with. So, mostly we sweated, and prepared ourselves mentally for The Crunch.

Then, between various chants of “YFC” the staff came on stage to do some tuning… Which prompted some screaming, our side just looked at each other XD; Then finally Gackt’s Secretary came on. He told ‘us motherfuckers’ to follow some simple rules, otherwise, as new recruits, we would be required to shove a knife in our gut and pull, HARAKIRI OSU. Our section enjoyed replying with OSU. So yeah, the rules were “no smoking” and “no filming on your phones” – and that if we had the audacity to film it, at least get it in good quality and not shitty camera phone quality XD; There were quite a few things for which we were required to commit harakiri… not enjoying from start to finish, etc. “Men, if you’re going to die for a girl, do it with a fucking smile on your face, OSU”.

After some more waiting, the band finally came on. In outfits like these <–. …Though they didn’t stay on for long.

I have to say… When Chachamaru came on, I was seriously struck by how beautiful he is! I mean, I knew he was fine looking, I mean, all you need is eyes to know it’s true XD But seeing him at arm’s length away from me? I was struck quite speechless by his… beauty. He’s also so great at interacting with the crowd, at no point did I get a feeling from him, or any of them really, that they’d rather be somewhere else, though I wasn’t expecting anything else XD; But it’s nice when the people you put on a pedestal prove just how much they deserve to be up there :P Chirolyn was also great at audience interaction, but I generally get the impression he’s somewhat insane >.>; Jun-ji, after coming on stage went behind the drums and then I didn’t see him all that much :O Apart from the occasional stick twirling. YOU mostly kept to the other side of the stage, so I didn’t see much of him ._.; And Gackt… was beautiful. I was struck by such disbelief that I was actually seeing him in the flesh, less than 2 metres from me, I didn’t even care half his head was in cornrows XD;

I’m not going to go through all the songs one by one, mostly because I can’t remember everything in order :P Gackt had a sword with him for the first song, which I think was ZAN… I can’t remember if it was after that, or if it was maybe after Dybbuk, but Gackt went to the back of the stage and used an inhaler :/ I have to say, it broke my heart a bit :O

At one point Gackt took of his tie and threw it in the audience, Chachamaru followed suit. Gackt then gave the audience a sultry look and ripped his shirt off and threw it in the audience. Chachamaru also ripped his shirt open, but kept it on, for the moment. Apparently there was some serious rippage of the shirt happening wherever it landed but…. If that was the case, I’m not really surprised. Eventually everyone got their shirts & ties off – can’t imagine anyone complained.

Unfortunately, half way through, due to the incredible heat and jumping, I felt really sick – which happens to me a lot. Especially at the gym -__-; So at that point, I had to make my way out of the pit. The girls behind me who kept trying to either push me to the floor or climb onto me wasted no time in claiming my space. At this point, after some girls helped me at the bar, Jerry (JERRY!) came to my rescue and led me to the cooler first aid area~ Where one of my friends was already XD;

Jerry: It’s me you know, girls just faint when they see me.
Me: Yes Jerry, from the first moment you started shouting at us in the queue…
Jerry: *snaps fingers* YEAH! That’s right!

Oh Jerry <3

So yes, to my endless regret, I missed a whole song. I waited 11 years to finally see Gackt in the flesh. And I missed a whole song. And gave up my space which was an arm’s length away from him -__-; At this point there was no way of getting back in, so I grabbed a place by the bar and kept getting more and more water to replenish all the water I sweated out earlier =_=; To be fair, I had a perfect view, no one in the way, no shoving… Just a little further back. I did however miss the guitar humping bit. Damn you, body! Of all the moments to need to throw up. Oh well, at least the first aid guy was impressed I managed not to XD;

At one point he shouted something along the lines of “Do you want to fuck me?” or “Show me how much you want to fuck me” – not sure, but it had something to do with the desire to fuck Gackt. Everyone went wild and he looked terribly smug XD; He just stood there taking it all in.

Towards the end, the flag we wrote on was thrown on stage. The band tried to hold it up, but it took them several tries to get it right XD; Gackt just had a look of “you are ruining my super cool moment -___-;;;;;;” but then he did also look like he was about to cry. Chachamaru then draped the flag over Gackt’s shoulders (QUEEN MOMENT!) and Gackt just stood there. Bit like a Michael Jackson moment – he just stands there doing nothing and people are on the verge of fainting XD;

What’s so super amazing is that Gackt did in fact take the time to read the messages on the flag, in his blog he wrote not only about the bad trying to unfold the flag, but he also mentioned:


i.e. it wasn’t just fans from England, but also fans from Poland came – I’ve never fainted in my life, but I felt quite faint when I read that XD

Anyway, at the end, Chirolyn was the last on stage, enjoying the limelight~ He looked down and noticed his trousers were quite low and a bit of his underwear was showing. So he promptly pulled his trousers down. With his trousers around his knees, he jumped off the boxes and hobbled off the stage XD;

Gackt’s secretary came back on, telling us to buy every fucking bit of merchandise, or HARAKIRI. OSU.

The queue was epic, of course. And a girl who cut in front of me got the last tank top T__T *heartbroken* I did manage to grab some stuff though.

The tie!

Handcloth~ Front & back.


I also got the brochure~ Which includes the Gackt kamasutra cards XD I really wish I had brought more money – I would have loved to get the bag, keychains, charms & phone strap :O I also wish I wasn’t so civilised… had I pushed I could have had a tank top! Still, it was a great night. I waited 11 years, and I finally got to see him live. Despite missing a song due to the crapness of my body being unable to deal with heat. And I know for a fact that the words I wrote, he read. Rather silly, but it makes me happy.

I am also infinitely amused by the back of the t-shirt, under the neck:


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