The Power of Dreams

by sakuraso

Occasionally, I’ll have a dream which makes me realise the power it can have on you, and your mental state. For example, I’ve played many games where there was an impending war – no real emotional response to that, but the second there’s an impending war in my dream, I have a real sense of panic and fear, and although it passes after waking up, I still have to shake it off. However, sometimes it’s very difficult to shake them off, especially when they’re personal.

One of my best friends, R, is sometimes hard to get a hold of, and occasionally is very useless at turning up at designated times – which can, on occasion, inflame one’s insecurities. I guess last night my mind decided to latch onto some of those insecurities, though for what reason, I don’t know.

I was supposed to meet up with her today, as it’s her day off, but due to her (very understandable) personal reasons, we decided not to meet up. In my dream however, because we weren’t meeting up, I met up with D instead, which in itself was weird, as I’m living with her at the moment. When I turned up, R was actually there, and was upset that I met up with D instead, even though she couldn’t make it in the first place. Then she proceeded to tell me, in a very smug fashion, that she had never cared about me. Which I *know* is not the case, which makes the whole dream bizarre, because it was unwarranted. It was also very difficult to shake it off, but I suppose it’s because it was so personal.

While I’m somewhat intrigued why my brain decided to throw this dream at me, part of me doesn’t want to know, I’d rather not know of any underlying insecurities XD;

I just hope my brain throws some nice dreams my way soon.


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