Timing, You’re Killing Me.

by sakuraso

I’ve never had a boyfriend. An embarrassing fact for the age of 22, as far as a lot of people are concerned, but I’ve mostly not been bothered by it. Occasionally I may bemoan not meeting anyone I could see myself with, no one caring for me, not being part of a team etc. So far, all the guys I’ve met have only been interested in a one night thing, which I don’t care for. There was one exception where I was liked back, but he was too shy to not only act, but to respond. I was doing all the work! After 3 years, I gave up.

Like a lot of people, I had the impression meeting someone just wouldn’t happen. But as everyone keeps saying – it only happens when you don’t look for it.

My friend D, who I’ve pretty much moved in with for the summer, had some of her friends who she met during her year abroad in Japan, over for a week. I had originally offered to move out for that week, to make space and so that she could have her time with people she hadn’t seen in a long time. Luckily for me, she told me to stop being stupid :P Turns out I got on VERY well with one of them. One of the loveliest boys I’ve ever met. I was utterly relaxed with him, it was quite a revelation. And best of all, he liked me BACK! That’s never happened before. This utterly attractive boy, who apparently, D informs me, is very popular with the ladies, who is very talented, gives amazing hugs, is warm and caring, likes me. Me. I still find it difficult to believe.

After this amazing week, he had to return to the U.S. I’ve never been angrier with timing. I finally find someone, and he has to leave. After 3 weeks, he’ll be in Japan. Hello expensive flights. Not so easy to visit.

At first I was worried that once he was gone, that would be it. But then he arrived home and sent me a message, and then added me on Skype. It gives me hope. Just when I thought it was useless, I met someone, and he’s amazing. And just because he’s gone, doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch.

At the  very least, if nothing more happens, I’d be very happy to at least have him as a good friend.

Life takes funny turns sometimes.


One Comment to “Timing, You’re Killing Me.”

  1. I can see what you mean about bittersweet feelings about the week. I have them a little bit too, but mostly because of my own idiocy. I’m glad that it’s working out though, even if it may not be completely perfect, it’s still pretty damn good if you ask me.

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